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We Custom Build New Computers

The range starts with the Galeforce at 349€ - please click here for the full specification.
The Galeforce is suitable for many everyday tasks such as:
Internet surfing
Reading and writing emails
Watching films
Storing and editing of digital photographs
Writing letters
and much more

If you need a more powerful computer, we can help.

We design and build computers for specific tasks.
Recently we were commissioned to build two computers for a music recording studio.
Each computer was built using a very high specification Gigabyte motherboard, an Intel Quard Core Processor,
4 Gigabytes of RAM, 2 hard drives and each computer uses two monitors.

We designed and built 35 computers for a school , we installed the computers in the IT suite,
linked them all to a central server and wirelessly linked then to the Internet.

If you need a computer for a specific task, why not talk to us? We may be cheaper than you think!


Why use Kalyn Computers?
Because we have 30 years experience with PCs
We offer a fast, efficient, reliable and cost effective service.
All our work is guaranteed. Registered in France as a business.