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Data Revovery Services

Dead Hard Disks

When a hard disk 'dies' it does not always mean that the
documents, pictures or accounts are lost!
Over 95% of the hard disks we are asked to look at still have data available for recovery
and we can often recover over 95% of that data, in many cases we recover 100% of the data!

Deleted Files

We can often recover files which have be accidentally deleted.
If you do accidentally delete a file or files, switch your computer OFF and give us a call as soon as possible.
The longer you leave the computer on, the less chance there is of a complete recovery of the deleted files.


It is impossible to give you a price until we see the extent of the problem,
in many cases our charges will be less than 200€ and the price includes
putting the recovered data on to CDs or DVDs for you to access.

When you ask to do a data recovery, we will assess the probability of recovering your data.
We will then give you a maximum price to do the recovery and return your data to you.
We guarantee that you will never pay more than this price and in many cases,
the actual charge is less that the maximum price quoted!


Why use Kalyn Computers?
Because we have 30 years experience with PCs
We offer a fast, efficient, reliable and cost effective service.
All our work is guaranteed. Registered in France as a business.