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Web Design

Why should you ask us to design your site?
Because we actually listen to you!
We ask questions, we listen to the answers, we make suggestions, we listen to your responses.

If you like the suggestions, we prepare some initial design ideas, show them to you
and listen to your comments. Depending on your comments, we modify and refine the design to fit your ideas.

How much will it cost?

Initial consultation and ideas are free - we don't make any charge until you ask us to design your site.
The cost depends on how much work is involved in designing your website,
a 'one page' site like this one* costs 99€. If you work on the basis that a single page costs a
minimum of 20€ and a maximum of 45€, you won't go far wrong.
You can reduce the cost of each page by writing the words yourelf and
taking your own photographs and sending them to us electronically.
If you prefer not to do your own photographs or writing,
we have a staff writer and photographer available.

Ongoing Costs

The 'domain name' and 'hosting' will cost between 50€ & 80€ per year.

Website Maintenance

As well as designing a new website, we can also take over an existing website and maintain it for you.
The cost will depend on the work to be done and we are happy to quote in advance.

*This site started as a 'one page' design. It now has several 'private areas' which are
only accessible to the site owner's clients.
These areas are used to show the clients photographs of completed work


Why use Kalyn Computers?
Because we have 30 years experience with PCs
We offer a fast, efficient, reliable and cost effective service.
All our work is guaranteed. Registered in France as a business.