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Web Hosting

Why do you need web hosting?
Without exception, all websites need somewhere to 'live'.

It's like people, we all need somewhere to sleep, most of us have our own room in a house or flat.

Put simply, a website lives in it's own room and, unless it is a very large website,
it can live in a rented room or, in technical terms, it lives on a 'webserver'.
Unlike some webdesign companies Kalyn Computers have their own webserver dedicated to our clients.
No one else has access to our server, this allows us to protect
our clients' websites and their data.

As your site is 'renting a room' on our server, there is rent to be paid.
For most of our clients, we add the rent and the annual cost of the domain name together and make a single annual charge.
The room you will need and most domain names cost between 50€ and 80€ per year.

Backups and data security

As we have our own webserver, we can arrange regular 'backups' of your website.


Why use Kalyn Computers?
Because we have 30 years experience with PCs
We offer a fast, efficient, reliable and cost effective service.
All our work is guaranteed. Registered in France as a business.