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Web Names

Without exception, all websites need a name otherwise known as a 'web address' or 'domain name'
without a name, how can someone find you?

Domain names always take the form og xxxxx.zzz
The 'xxxxx' part is the actual name and the 'zzz' part defines either the country (where the domain is registred) or type of domain.

e.g. our own website, kalyncomputers.com - it is obvious what the name is, the .com means that this is a commercial domain. However, it is not necessary to have a .com domain for a business. There are many companies who have
a '.co.uk' or '.fr' or 'eu' domain. In most cases it is either a matter of preference or what is available.
What is available means that no one else can have regsistered the name you want. For instance, you cannot
regsiter www.ford.com because it already belongs to the Ford Motor Company. However, if you wanted to,
you could register ford.gb.com as, at the time of writing this web page, no one has registered that name.

So what name can you have?

The answer is almost anything you like so long as it is available.
Ask us and we can check it for you in a couple of minutes.

How much will it cost?

That depends on the last part of the name, the 'zzz' part. A '.com' domain will usually cost 18€ per year.
Domains ending with '.eu', '.fr' and '.net' usually cost 22€ per year.
We can quote for almost any domain name, just tell us what you would like and leave the rest to us.


Why use Kalyn Computers?
Because we have 30 years experience with PCs
We offer a fast, efficient, reliable and cost effective service.
All our work is guaranteed. Registered in France as a business.